amanipulatedlife asked:

What do you think of Batman Beyond? Haha I've been re-watching it recently and I forgot how awesome the music in it was. And Terry reminds me a lot of Jason Todd.

wouldyouliketoseemymask answered:

I LOVE BATMAN BEYOND. It actually upsets me a bit how underrated it is! Usually I don’t like anyone but Bruce Wayne as Batman, but I think Terry McGinnis was a great successor to the mantle (especially considering how young he was when he started). Although he’s sometimes hot-headed and too impulsive, he shares Bruce’s humanity and desire to do good, and I really enjoyed seeing him grow as a character throughout the series’ run. 

But what I liked best about Batman Beyond was seeing an older Bruce Wayne. We got to see what led to him finally retiring from crime-fighting in a physical capacity and his subsequent struggles with that decision; although he is undoubtedly proud of Terry, even Terry himself said that he could tell that sometimes Bruce wished that he was the one out patrolling Gotham instead. One of the best episodes of the entire series IMO is Out of the Past because it gave us a glimpse into Bruce’s inner thoughts and regrets—which is something we don’t see often in the DCAU because he’s usually so stoic and quiet and secretive—and how hard it was for him to go from being a superhero to watching someone else carry on his legacy.

Of course, we all know that Bruce will ALWAYS be Batman. ;) That scene where he goes to rescue Terry from Inque and puts on a Batsuit for the last time? ALL THE FEELS. I really need to gif it.